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Why does my bathroom have a mildew smell?

Mildew is a living mold that lives on the dark, moist interior walls of shower and bath drain pipes. Mildew regenerates by releasing microscopic seeds called "spores." Negative air pressure from the bathroom vents and even a single toilet flush can drive these unhealthy spores airborne. Rising up from the bathtub drain, the spores infuse the bathtub, tiles and shower curtain with a musty mildew odor. Click here to read more Frequently Asked Questions.

Mildont and shower drain assembly

S. H. Pierce & Co. introduces the Mildont®

S. H. Pierce & Co. is now shipping the Mildont® — the only affordable and effective mildew intake restrictor valve available for consumer purchase and installation in standard bathtub and shower fixtures. The easy-to-install Mildont® installs in seconds beneath any standard drain strainer.

The Mildont® allows water to drain freely, while blocking the entry of mildew spores. And as for your bathroom mildew mysteries — problem solved.

Our new Mildont® 500 Series includes the Mildont® 503A, a 3-inch diameter valve for standard bathtub and shower drains and the larger Mildont® 504A, a 4-inch valve for high capacity tub and shower drains. To determine which Mildont® model fits your tub or shower, please visit our Products page.

Mildont® Innovations

  • Restricts intake of airborne mildew, mold and fungi.
  • Prevents entry and infusion of mold spores into paint, tile grout and shower curtain.
  • Easy to install.
  • Low introductory price.
  • Lab-tested on standard bathtub and shower fixtures.
  • Environment friendly — no chemicals.
  • Industrial-quality polymer construction for long-lasting service.
  • Increases efficacy of mildew eradication methods, such as chlorine bleach fumigation.
  • Laser-etched at peak tolerances to ensure optimal operation.
  • Hidden from view, preserving beauty of existing fixture.
  • Prevents habitation of silverfish, centipedes and moisture-borne insects.
  • Ships with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Mildont® is the original. Accept no substitute.

The Mildont® in its normal closed position

How the Mildont® Works

The Mildont® is a deceptively simple valve in appearance, but its design was refined through rigorous laboratory testing. Our new Mildont® 500 Series valves are designed specifically for standard shower and bath drains, and offers features that are truly revolutionary.

When you take a shower or bath, the leaves of the Mildont® flex... (more)

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