Frequently Asked Questions
Mold and Mildew
What is mildew?
Why can't I detect the source of mildew odor in my bathroom?
Is there a method to identify the source of mildew or mold spores?
Is bathroom mildew unhealthy?
Are mildew prevention or mildew eradication methods available?
Are drain pipes aerated to eradicate mildew?
How does a Mildont® work?
Is the Mildont® visible in my bathtub or shower?
Does the Mildont® have any secondary benefits?
Is the Mildont® environmentally friendly?
Basic Installation Questions
Do I need a plumber to install a Mildont®?
What size Mildont® will fit my shower or bath?
How often do I have to replace a Mildont®?
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