How the Mildont® Works

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The Mildont® in its normal closed position

When you take a shower or bath, the leaves of the Mildont® flex under the weight of water, opening wide to allow the tub to drain normally. The leaves close when the water has completely drained, limiting the intake of airborne mold spores before they contaminate your bathroom and begin to germinate on the walls, grout and shower curtain.

The Mildont®’s unique multi-leaf valve flexes to ensure maximum flow of drainage water. Each leaf is shaped to ensure that it does not impede the function of the drain strainer, drainpipe or any secondary traps that might also be installed further down in the plumbing system.

The Mildont® in its normal closed position

The Mildont® is laser-etched to create a precisely-measured gap at the perimeter of each leaf. This gap serves two important functions. First, the gap inhibits buildup of hair or soap scum which would otherwise eventually cause a leaf to stick to the sidewall, thereby impeding valve performance. The gap also allows a minimal amount of air to pass between the interior and exterior atmosphere, providing ventilation critically necessary for the evaporation of drainwater.

The Mildont® in its normal closed position

The Mildont® 500 Series, including the best-selling Mildont® 503A and larger diameter Mildont® 504A (shown at right), are designed for easy installation in standard shower and bathtub drains. The Mildont® 503A has a pre-cut center hole for a custom fit in all bathtub drains with 3-inch diameter drain strainers and from 1.5 to 2 inch diameter drainpipe. For shower drain strainers that have two perimeter bolts instead of a single center bolt, illustrated instructions for modifying the Mildont® 503A using household shears or a straight razor are provided with each package. The Mildont® 504A fits in larger diameter shower fixtures with 4-inch drain strainers (screw-on, bolt-on or snap-on) for drainpipes ranging from 2 to 4 inches in diameter.

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