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Are drain pipes aerated to eradicate mildew?
Drain pipes are not ventilated, in fact the air within the pipes is stationary between uses.

Air is not allowed to circulate through drain pipes because if air was allowed to move to and from the pipes your bathroom would be exposed to odious (and possible dangerous) sewage gases and wastewater.

To prevent the backflow of wastewater, the typical bathtub or shower drainage system includes a brass backflow valve. And to prevent the intake of sewage gas, the typical bathtub or shower drainage system includes a trap that is capped with drainwater.

The area of pipe between the trap and the drain strainer, including the drain opening in the bathtub or shower into the entry pipe (called the "drain shoe") is only aerated when you drain the bathtub or shower. This area is especially problematic because it is not only attractive for the habitation of molds and fungi, it's atmosphere is directly exposed to your bathroom.
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