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Are mildew prevention or mildew eradication methods available?
In the course of our research, we discovered virtually hundreds of unresolved questions on plumbing and home improvement websites.

A sampling of questions sourced from online discussions:
  • Why does my bathroom have a mildew smell?
  • Why does my bathtub smell like mold or rotten eggs?
  • Why is there a musty smell near my shower?
  • What is the musky stench in my bathroom?
  • Why does my shower curtain have a moldy, mildewy smell?
  • Why is a mildew odor coming up from my shower drain?
  • Why is the grout between my my bathroom tiles turning black?
  • How do I prevent the smell of mold from rising up from the drain?
  • Can I pour something down my drainpipe to stop the odor?
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